Named for the zesty and versatile Japanese citrus fruit, Sudachi celebrates the best flavors and qualities of the Japanese sushi culture, driven by the desire to provide a world-class dining experience in our small mountain town.

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About Sudachi

Named for the zesty and versatile Japanese citrus fruit, Sudachi celebrates the best flavors and qualities of Japanese cuisine, driven by the desire to provide a world-class sushi experience in our small mountain town.  Focusing on freshness and sustainability, we have created dishes, cocktails, and an environment that honor this passion.

Given our uncompromising dedication to upholding this mission, Sudachi must evolve with the changing markets to continue to provide the highest quality experience and ingredients.  We have created a nightly menu that puts emphasis on sustainability and quality.  This menu changes very little throughout the year.

Our nightly specials menu is updated and changed every night with fish flown from all over the world.  The nightly specials are available in the edomae (simply fish and rice: nigiri, sashimi, maki, and temaki) or in the sosaku (creative; fish plus other ingredients to enhance flavors).  We also offer many izakaya (Japanese pub/bistro) style dishes such as: agemono (fried) and yakimono (pan seared), ramen, and sunomono (salads).

We also offer nightly chef’s tasting menu or omakase.  This is a mixture of sosaku sashimi, nigiri, agemono, o-toshi, and any other of the chef’s creations for the night using all our finest ingredients.  For this option, we require a minimum 24-hour advance reservation and a minimum 24-hour cancellation notice.  Please allow one and half hours for dining experience. Cost is $150 per person, with six person maximum.  Wine/sake pairing available for additional $50; this includes four 3oz wines/sakes.


Sudachi is OPEN for the winter season,

Tuesday thru Sunday, 5pm-9:30pm.

Call us at (307) 734-SUDA (7832) to request a reservation.

3465 N Pines Way, Suite 103 Wilson, WY 83014


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